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Giving Back to the Industry

We pledge to donate 50% of money made to events, free blades and products, skating vacations, substantial prizes for competition winners, etc. 


Dude! A wheel with a warranty!

If you have a problem with our products just give us a call. We are available 24/7 to help resolve your issue. Cracked wheel? Decored? Did your wheels literally melt cause you shred the gnar just a little too hard? 

No problem. We offer a 15 day limited warranty on all wheels against premature wear and a lifetime warranty against manufacture defect.


Quality products at an affordable price

We here at TUFR want you to enjoy our products. We chose only the finest materials and manufactures with the highest of standards. After rigorous testing, we are confident in our product. You will love every stride and landing. 

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We love our customers! Do you have a question? Just wana shoot the shit?

Drop us a line anytime.

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